Hamvention 2008 Info/Update

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UPDATE. April 29, 2008: In a few days I will purchasing the Icom IC-92AD HT, assuming that it is in stock. I plan to have it programmed by Hamvention time. At Hamvention I will be looking to buy the IC-2820H mobile. I have been debating between the ID-800H and the IC-2820H, but the 2820 allows you to use two bands at once, in addition to the D-STAR and GPS capabilities (with the UT-123). I have put thoughts of purchasing the Icom ID-1 23-cm transceiver on hold for now. According to W8KHW, the trustee of the W8DIG D-Star repeater system in Columbus, Ohio, there simply isn't much activity on the "W8DIG A" port. At Hamvention I will also be renewing my membership to DARA, AMSAT, the Miami Valley VHF/UHF Society, TAPR, and the All-Ohio Scanner Club.

April 20, 2008: What's on my Hamvention agenda for 2008? This year much of my energy will be concentrated on D-STAR and other digital voice and data modes, including APRS. I currently own an Icom IC-91AD, but would like to "upgrade" to the IC-92AD and also purchase the GPS/speaker-mic. I will of course, use Ebay to sell the IC-91AD, but I would like to look at the IC-92AD at Hamvention. I plan to purchase the Icom ID-800H mobile dual band D-STAR radio in about two weeks. I'm working a rather large public service event on Mother's Day weekend. The event is the annual Tour of the Scioto River Valley (TOSRV). This is a two-day bicycle event that starts in Columbus, Ohio, and travels to Portsmouth, Ohio, in one day, and then travels back to Columbus on the following day. Although I've owned a couple of mobile rigs before (the Kenwood TM-741A and the Kenwood TM-V7A), I have sold them, but now it is time to own one again. The Icom ID-800H seems like a good choice, considering my interest in digital voice. Should it be out of stock, I will buy a basic 2-meter-only 50W mobile that I will either decide to sell later, or use perhaps as a APRS relay station at home (since I do have a Kantronics KPC-9612). I can then buy the ID-800H a little later. Back to Hamvention: I also want to learn more about the Icom ID-1, which is a 23-cm digital voice, digital data radio. In the digital data mode, that radio supports transmissions at about 100 kbps. I also want to learn about the different D-STAR applications, protocols and conversions, such as D*Chat and D-PRS. I will likely try to attend the D-STAR Forum on Friday morning. This year I again plan to take the digital camera and digital camcorder. This year I do have a substantially better camera that I will be taking compared to last year. Last year it was the Canon PowerShot A710 IS. Although I still have a point-and-shoot camera, this year I plan to take my Canon EOS-5D, along with a nice L-series zoom lens and the 580EX II Speedlite. Look for my pictures a week or two after Hamvention. If I do shoot much video, look for it either on my YouTube account or elsewhere on this site.

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